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Ever wondered how Mahina achieves her ultra-soft glam looks flawlessly time after time? Are you an aspiring MUA or simply a beauty obsessive? Want to learn how to get that #GLOWing skin, using soft techniques and some seriously brilliant products?! WELL now you can with THE MAHINA EXPERIENCE!

If you’re only just discovering Mahina Makeup? WHERE have you been?! Mahina Makeup combines an innovative ‘Fine Art’ technique with incredibly effective products to help you master that ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ dreamy real-life but elevated look. Mahina believes the key to crafting a consistently beautiful makeup look is employing delicate techniques and harnessing a true awareness of the subtle art of product layering. Want to snatch your nose? Learn how to *actually* contour or get serious about your skin prep? THE MAHINA EXPERIENCE has got your back. THINK: unbelievable makeup that lets you shine though...


For the first time EVER, Mahina is offering you the chance to be a part of an ultra-exclusive online masterclass where she will let you in on her biggest tips, tricks, and industry secrets she’s learnt from a DECADE of hard work hustle. You’ll receive exclusive access to a one-off video masterclass which you can luxuriously view in the comfort of your own beauty space. You’ll be invited to experience how to expertly apply, layer and finish products every step of the way in real time. Mahina herself will show you how to re-create her looks from first to finish on models who are diverse and demonstrate achievable beauty standards I.R.L! No airbrushing or fancy filters, thanks. Just real looks for real people.

THE MAHINA EXPERIENCE will equip you with the skills to feel confident in your own skin, smash your goals and slay that killer look. Every. Single. Time.

So, what are you waiting for?! Post-pandemic life is COMING. Build your craft, put your best face forward and get ready to learn from a master.

Purchase tickets WARNING: tickets are extremely limited so don’t walk – RUN!

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