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What is Soft Glam?
A soft glam beat face uses radiant and neutral colours that when combined, create a gentle enhanced soft filter like look, only better. This style of makeup involves wholesome flawless skin, glossy lips, fluffy brows and warm eyes.
MYTutorials Editorial Soft Glam
Press play to gain access to a step by step tutorial, carefully curated using my most favourite and up to date professional makeup techniques.
This eLearning video will equip you with all the necessary skills to achieve my signature soft glam beat and will cover the following:
Intro and prep
Discover how to achieve a dewy and flawless skin base using a combination of products to fit a range of different budgets.

Accomplishing a snatched makeup look begins with a focus on the eyes before translating through to the complete look. In this video you will find detail on how to subtly uplift the eyes using eyeshadow combos that can be recreated time and time again.
Master the art of clean and feathered brows as we take you through my fine stroke method and details on how to achieve the perfect cool tone natural look.

Skin and contouring:
The skin segment is all about creating sculpting and snatching illusions to the face from every angle. Here, we will focus on layering to create that necessary soft blur filter finish.
Lips and finishing
Finishing is key – some of my final techniques included in this video will provide guidance on how to master my signature glassy and bold lip combo.

Who is MYtutorials for?
This video is ideal for anyone who would like to enhance their makeup look to a professional level. We are proud to be bringing you detail that can carefully be unpacked at your own convenience. We welcome everyone; from makeup enthusiasts to those looking to take their craft more seriously. Our focus is to help equip those wishing to learn necessary techniques and methods used at the highest level of production.
How to get the most out of your learning?
1. Note taking
This tutorial is filled with a depth of detail that would be impossible to digest in one sitting. We strongly advise all students to take their time in watching the video, whilst diligently pausing to take notes. The convenience of our eLearning will allow you the opportunity to rewatch the video and deepen your understanding of all the included tips and methods. Making use of notes will also aid your ability to actively memorise techniques and retain knowledge.
2. Practice
We cannot stress the importance of good practice in improving your makeup skills. Daily practice on a range of people where possible will challenge your skills and test your memory on your newfound learnings. We would recommend using a model – practicing on yourself is a good idea, as well as friends and family.
Watch. Take Notes. Practice. Repeat


How many times can I download an E-learning video after purchase?

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How long will I be able to access my downloaded E-learning video for?

After purchase you will have one month from your initial date of purchase to watch the tutorial. Within this time you can rewatch the video as many times as you would like. After this one month period has ended, your access to the video will expire.

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