SUNSET Luxury 3D mink lashes

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The Sunset lash is perfect to wear for a natural daytime or alluring evening look. Delicately hand crafted to create an extra fluffy and lightweight strip lash. Sunset contains a smooth, feathery texture giving your eyes maximum comfort - Beauty does not have to always equal pain! The 3D mink lash of your dreams, suitable for all eye shapes.


Long length

Reusable 25X


How to Apply: 

1. Align band with natural lash line, delicately trim excess if needed.

2. Apply glue to lash band wait 40 seconds until adhesive is tacking. (Glue with latex 40 seconds, latex-free glue 10 seconds)

3. Place the lash in the centre of your natural lashes, then using tweezers push the inner corner of the strip lash in place followed by the outer corner.

4. Press lash against natural lashes.



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